100+ Days of Traveling

While, I was in Vang Vieng, Laos, it was my day 100 on this Journey. It was more or less a typical day, but I thought it would be a good moment to think about the last weeks and month. Additional to that, New Year is there and that is probably always a reasonable time to rethink what has happened.

The first three weeks of traveling still stick to my mind, every day I thought about getting back to work in the next days, sitting there and waiting for the next weekend to come – that I am just on vacation. But every morning showed me something different, that I am far away from home, in a hostel room. Found my self in ruins, temple, at waterfalls, on mountains, beaches or in small local restaurants.
With every week it becomes more normal, more regular but still interesting – it’s still interesting and exciting, but it becomes everyday life.
It shows how you evolve. A day to remember was one in Vietnam, not because there was something special to see, just about my habits. I arrived in Ninh Binh, got to my hostel and looked up what’s close by – there was a temple, so I jumped on the bike and just hit the road. When I was back the planning for the next days had to be done – ok, it will be the bus – get on that bike, get to the bus station and get that ticket. Easy as that, you just do it – there is no way to push it aside no overthinking.

At some point, the excitement lowers to a normal level. So you will have days that are just ok or even some days that are shit, just like you would have at home. Maybe it’s the food from yesterday, you feel lonely, you just want to be back in your own bed or see friends and family.
A nice meal, good sleep or a call back home can help a lot and the next day will be awesome again.

Most important are the good things – especially about traveling alone and for a long time.
Alone: You are in full control about what you want to do and way more important, what you do not want to do. There is nobody to ask for permission, there are no compromises to do, at least not with another person. There are always hours or days you will spend with somebody else and then it’s good to be alone again.
Long: The view is always pointed in one direction – forward. You don’t have to look back or have to get back to a certain point – you always go on. It was a little bit different in China and the Philippines – in both cases I had to have an onward flight ticket. This is different since I landed in Vietnam and now I just know that I want to be in New Zealand before it gets cold there. But what and where everything else happen is just a vague plan.

As a conclusion, it is to say that I am sure I did the right thing. I am happy and grateful for everything that happened, what I experienced and what great people I met on the Way.
Exactly, in the same way, I will be happy to be back home, meeting a lot of my friends and family again, drink a beer together.  But this moment will still need some time – and so long I enjoy every second of this trip.

Greetings from Laos and a happy New Year 2018.

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